Workpackage 6 of EDIT - the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy
"Unifying Revisionary Taxonomy on the Web"

This is the Workpackage 6 (WP6) site of EDIT, a European Union funded project to promote and integrate programmes of biological taxonomic research. We aim to helping communities of taxonomists across the globe to put the products of their research on the Web. We are doing this in three ways:

  • Scratchpads: Providing you and your community a space to work on the Web
  • Web Revisions: Helping you to meaningfully structure taxonomic data for the Web
  • Meetings: Bringing researchers together to collaborate on taxonomic research using the Web

WP6 is a collaboration between the Natural History Museum, London, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum, Free University Berlin, but also involves participants from many other international organisations. We are working closely with the EDIT WP5 team to deliver an Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy.

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Positions Filled

Drupal developer

We are looking for a short term php Drupal developer to help write modules and views as part of a multisite Drupal installation used by research scientists worldwide. We have 30+ community sites used by biologists, and a looking to expand the functionality of these sites with a few additional modules. The post is short term (until the end of March 08) but with longer term prospects, and is available immediately. Salary circa £2.5k pcm.

Association of publication with taxonomy

The present system allows only a few taxonomy links to be built. I suspect that there is a character limit to the auto-complete box. The auto-complete box is the only practical method to work with a moderately large taxonomy. We really need a better method than this and it adds to the need for the auto-tag function. The keywords field in the publication node is of limited size, so needs to be an expanded text box for monographic publications. Note that the information is there, so highlight all and copy will bring the whole list onto the clipboard.


The speakers at the IPR workshop have kindly allowed access to the files containing their presentations. Note that these files are released under the creative commons licence detailed at the foot of the page.



European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy

Participate in the transformation of European Taxonomy!

EDIT is a Network of Excellence supported by the European Commission. It seeks to deeply renovate taxonomic practice to meet the challenges and demands of the 21st century. Here are
some opportunities EDIT has already created for you, which you can use freely:

Meeting Report

IPR and the web: challenges for taxonomy

WP6 Workshop: 20 February 2008, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, UK

Workshop Organizers: Dr David Roberts (Natural History Museum), Dr Soraya Villalba (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew), Dr William Baker (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew), Dr Jane Smith (Natural History Museum), Melinda Trudgen (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew), Dr Simon Mayo (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew).

Speakers: Dave Roberts, EDIT WP6 leader; Donat Agosti, taxonomist; Willi Egloff, copyright lawyer; Naomi Korn, IP consultant; Vishwas Chavan, GBIF

UK taxonomic expertise

UK Taxonomists (2002) distributed by age.

These data build on the UK Systematics Forum originlly undertaken in the mid 1990s and updated as part of asurvey for the GTI. The data were returned by questionnaire. The public interface to these data can be found here .

IPR meeting - travel directions

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The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, are situated on the south bank of the River Thames near Richmond, about 10 km south-west of London.

To get to Kew Gardens you may travel by underground, train or bus.

Travelling by London Underground ("The Tube")

IPR and the web

Title: IPR and the web: challenges for taxonomy

Date: Wednesday 20th February 2008

Location: Museum No. 1, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. How to get there?
(Please note change of venue)

Areas to be explored

Scratchpad News, Dec. 07

Over the past few months the Scratchpad team (Simon Rycroft, Dave Roberts, Ben Scott and myself) have made  a number of developments concerning the Scratchpads. I have posted an extensive news update about these developments as a blog post on my website. Scratchpad users might be interested in this article. Topics covered include:

  • A Usage update
  • Our use of Google Analytics
  • Support from GBIF
  • Support from the NHM, London
  • Long-term support post EDIT

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